How will I know if I have been admitted to the STEPS Programme?

Admitted candidates will receive a formal notification from the EACEA confirming their admission by the end of March.

Excluded and reserve candidates will be sent a message from the EMJMD STEPS team regarding their condition.

What if by May I have received no email?

Then you are an excluded candidate.

As an admitted candidate, what is the next step?

Admitted candidates will have to enrol in the programme via the website during a specific deadline. See Enrolment to the EMJMD STEPS for further information on enrolment.

Do I need health insurance?

The Consortium will pay the health insurance costs for all scholarship students. Self-financing students should arrange their own health insurance.

How can I arrange journey and accommodation?

All admitted candidates, both scholarship holders and self-financing, will be sent a specific Student's guide containing information on visa procedures, journey and accommodation arrangements, among others, that will help them prepare everything.

How will I be transferred the scholarship money?

The scholarship money will be transferred once you have arrived in Europe and have opened a bank account.

Candidates need to have a European bank account for the scholarship money to be transferred. Those candidates who do not have a European bank account shall open one upon arrival in Europe. Staff from the corresponding University will guide and help them in the process of opening one.

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