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Tution fees

Common tuition fees apply. They are determined by the Consortium Committee.

For the first edition of the EMJMD STEPS the tuition fees for the whole Master would be:

  1. Tuition fees for Partner Country graduate student: 4,500.00€ per semester, 18,000.0€ for the full academic programme
  2. Tuition fees for Programme Country graduate student: 2,250.00€ per semester, 9,000.0€ for the full academic programme

The different tuition fees are connected to the University regulations, and the fact that they are partly financed by national taxes.

The Consortium Committee may set up a scholarship and waiver policy.

Tuition fees have to be paid to the coordinating institution according to the calendar below or accept the deduction of that amount out of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship according to the Student Agreement.

  • 25% of the total tuition fees: At registration
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before 31st December of (year n)
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before 30th September of (year n+1)
  • 25% of the total tuition fees: Before 31st December of (year n+1)

New admission period self-financing students

In order to facilitate access to students who were not able to process their applications in the first phase of the selection process for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD), The University of Oviedo has announced a new admission period aimed at 8 self-financing students

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