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In 4th semester (30 ECTS) students will move to any of the 4 Universities or of the 31 associated members to carry out the internship and prepare the Master thesis. Student will have the opportunity of a professional internship in a leading company in the automotive or power generation industry plus a guided research aimed at the preparation of the Master thesis. Internships will be devoted for the development of the Master Thesis in an associated partner university or company of the STEPS JMD programme. Internships will be co-tutored by a Master’s professor and an external person belonging to the associated partner. All the students will have the possibility of having the internship period, with a maximum of two students staying at each associated partner.

The Master programme is supported by leading energy related companies (power generation and distribution, renewable energy companies, manufacturers of energy equipment, automotive companies...). Companies are committed both financial and academically to the Master: all of them offer internships; some of them will collaborate in teaching and may also be offering grants. The full support of the private sector may facilitate the long-term sustainability of the STEPS JMD.

The students are encouraged to explore their own professional career and to choose their specialization under consideration of their individual capabilities. Professors will guide and support students to make their own choices, and will promote their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship throughout the programme. The JMD programme is offering strong cooperation with industry to carry out the electrical projects, internships and the Master’s Thesis. Thanks to the high qualification, the Master graduates will be ready to solve technical problems and their intercultural and other soft skills will allow them to work anywhere in the world in interdisciplinary teams, with the strong advantage of their language skills.

Mobility is a very relevant component of the JMD and of the learning process. Mobility tracks are programmed
every semester through all University partners to finish on the last semester to carry out the internship and the
preparation of the Master Thesis that can be implemented at any of the associated partners, or at a different full
partner organisation. The STEPS JMD boasts a list of close and prestigious academic and industrial associated
partners offering internships and Master Thesis topics. The itinerary is defined and accepted at the moment of the confirmation of their registration. The Academic Committee will try to keep the number of students balanced
between the partner institutions, and the Eramus+ rules.

World leading companies have been and are willing to continue as associated members of the STEPS JMD Consortium, offering Internships and joint supervision of Master Thesis. Delta Electronics,ABB, Ford Motor, Hitachi Rail Italy, Vattenfall, EDP, C.T. Seat and Gamesa Electric are just some of the associated members that will collaborate in the STEPS JMD Programme, offering real employment opportunities to the most promising students. Some of the associate companies (Entropea Labs, Blue Shock Race) have got involved in the JMD thanks to the support of EMMC STEPS alumni, currently working as researchers in the companies. The opportunity to carry out an internship in one of these key-players might be the first step for students to become part of those world-leading companies.

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