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Our students say

Cohort 2012-2014

Edgar Nuño

Coming from a non-purely electrical engineering background, I joined the Erasmus Mundus Master program in 2012 aiming at specializing in electrical power systems. It did not only meet my expectations from the academic point of view, but also turned to be a great cultural experience. Having the chance to live in at least three different countries while interacting with people from all around the world definitely adds value to this program and provides some useful skills from which both your professional and personal life could benefit. I found a good balance between theory and hands-on practical implementation, as well as a close interaction not only between my colleagues but also the teachers involved in the program (not that common in many MSc programs). There is also a substantial industry component which also links the coursework material to real-life applications. The program itself provides a exhaustive overview of some of the most relevant topics and tendencies in power systems/sustainable transportation and I would say that my overall experience was one of the main reasons that lead me to start my PhD in a related area.

Shreenidhi Sharma

There are certain occurrences in life which shape your future and have a significant affect on your professional as well as personal life. For me one such was getting admission in the prestigious Erasmus Mundus Masters Course in STEPS. Before joining this course I was working for more than two years, post my bachelors, but still wanted to enhance my knowledge in the field of renewable energy.

I started the course in 2012 and it was one hell of a ride. I was excited again to learn new subjects, to understand new theories, to ponder over new problems, to explore new softwares and, above all, to meet new people. The course was challenging but you have friends, teachers and mentors along the way to guide and support you. I studied the course in three different countries-Spain, Portugal and the UK, and got the finest of education in each of the universities.

Notably we were given the freedom to explore the field of our interest. One can choose from Power Electronics to Control System to Power Systems and apply those learning in the field of renewable power or sustainable transportation. The course is well structured and organized by amazingly helpful people, who will always be there to make you feel comfortable.

I travelled to places previously unknown to me, gained a lot of perspective, got the required exposure along with receiving brilliant technical knowledge and skills required to excel in professional field. Aspiring students and working professionals with a penchant in the field of renewable would gain considerably from this course. I will always be indebted to the Course, the Course Co-ordinators and the Universities for providing me the best two years of my life.

After the completion I joined back my previous company NTPC Ltd, as I was on a sabbatical, which is India's Biggest Power Producer and now I am working in the Renewable Energy Department responsible for putting up Solar Parks and Wind Farms in India. I feel I am at the right place at the right time, given the changing scenario in the power industry and the push from the Central Government for renewable energy.

Chanditha Udalgama

Being an Erasmus Mundus Masters Graduate is an experience of a lifetime. I graduated as a Masters Degree holder in EMJMD STEPS - Sustainable Transportation and Electric Power Systems in 2014. This program is hosted in Spain and gives the student the opportunity to live and study in UK and Italy/Portugal as well, which is in itself a great opportunity for those bitten by the ‘travel bug'.

However what sets EMJMD STEPS apart from other Erasmus Mundus courses is its course content. The curriculum is up to date and covers both theoretical and practical aspects especially helpful for a research career based on power electronics. I was also fortunate to carry out my internship and thesis at the University of Nottingham in Collaboration with Alstom Grid, UK. The Masters experience and hard work on my part resulted in me being hired by Alstom, UK as a Design Engineer to work on HVDC VSC Research and Development.


Dereje Lemma

The master programme has given me a deep understanding of electrical power systems especially in power electronic converters for electrical systems and renewable generation technologies. It also gave me massive opportunities to create network with professionals working both in academic institutions and companies.

For my final master thesis, I have investigated a new VSC HVDC converter (JO Circuit), a project by Alstom – Grid in the University of Nottingham. I studied the basic structure and operation principle of this new topology, designed the control strategy and developed the full switching model of the converter. Following my visit to the Siemens Wind Power Manufacturing facility in Brande Denmark and Alstom – Grid R&D facility in Stafford UK, I gained a solid insight to the future challenges and opportunities in the energy and transportation sectors. Therefore I am now planning to continue a Phd study in power converters for electrical systems, electrical machines and drives.

I recommend this prestigious master programme to all good students who are planning to be a dynamic and competent professional in the fields of power electronic converters, renewable generation technologies, electrical vehicles as it has big associated partner companies and academic institutions working in these areas.

Enrique Rodríguez

I have recently been graduated in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems. It has been a great and complete programme which gives you the perfect training at different Universities, providing me the right tools and knowledge about power converters design, control strategies, machines control and power systems. Since the beginning of the programme I wanted to focused on transportation sustainability, and I have been able to develop, as my master's thesis, an idea that I had time ago about a chain-less electric bicycle. The project has moved forward and a full prototype is being built, while more students are also involved in the project developing their respective master's thesis. Because of the skills that I have acquired, I am currently developing my PhD in a prestigious University in Europe.


Minoru Tsuru

I graduated from the Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems programme in September of 2014, and I could not be happier. When I started the programme in 2012 I already had 4+ years of experience in the industry and was looking forward to improve my knowledge and continue my education, for that, I was looking for a programme that would offer me the right combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on training while giving me the right balance between the scientific research and the industry related knowledge, and I found just that in the STEPS programme.

The beauty of this programme lays in its balance, it is right for people looking forward to start a career in Academia or Research, people willing to start a career in the industry (Energy, Automotive or Transportation in General) or people with experience looking to broaden their knowledge.

I must also add, that being an international programme, it provides the student with an amazing multicultural immersion, I for instance, studied, lived and worked with people in Italy, England, Spain and Taiwan, allowing me to learn their work cultures and language turning me into an intermediary between countries, needles to say, that is a very important matter nowadays.

This programme gave me the tools to work in a highly technical level while dealing with multicultural personnel, it has indeed increased my employability and broaden my curriculum.

Octavian M. Rotariu

I've started the Erasmus Mundus STEPS Master program in 2012 and graduated in 2014 after living in four different amazing cities (Rome, Nottingham, Gijon and Barcelona) and three different countries. I've met many great people and learned many interesting things. I feel that I didn't just accumulate knowledge and developed professionally in the fields of power electronics , machines and control, but I've also developed as a human being and became a more understanding and, hopefully, better person than I was when I started. Living in so many countries and studying with people from exotic countries and different backgrounds allowed me to become a more open-minded person and gave me the unique opportunity to improve my foreign languages skills.

During the first year one accumulates the theoretical knowledge needed in the domain of sustainable transportation and electrical power systems and then applies these in simulation, in lab projects and in an Internship, during the second year. I've done this Internship at a big company from the automotive industry and the experience I've gathered there working and preparing my thesis on the topic of fault detection in the DC Bus of a vehicle, allowed me to better understand in which direction I would like to further pursue my career.

The subjects that I've studied during the program were of particular interest for me as I wanted to start working in the domain of sustainable engineering. This master offered me the background and the tools of doing exactly what I wanted and now I'm employed in a start-up company in London that operates in this precise domain.

I'm very happy I've attended this program and grateful to the people who organized it. The two years passed in a heartbeat and I wish the program didn't finish than soon. I highly recommend it as a complete professional and nice life experience.

Shan Huang

Erasmus Mundus STEPS program is a perfect international program. Thanks to the program, I can read the books in the library of world's top universities, work on fascinating experiments in the laboratory, and discuss problems with best professors and students from different places in the world.

The STEPS program not only cultivates our ability to do academic research but also adequate skills to work in a company. In the first semester, the curriculum mainly focuses on basic knowledge, which lays a solid foundation for further study. In the following semesters, the program offers us opportunities to work on practical projects and internships in world-famous large companies.

The organizers of STEPS program are very helpful. If we have problems, they will offer a lot of help. If we have any complaints about the program, they will make improvement as quickly as possible.

Thanks to Erasmus Mundus STEPS program, I have gained abundant knowledge and strong practical skills to start my career. Now, I am employed by State Grid Corporation of China, the largest electric utilities company in China, ranking the seventh largest company in the world according to the 2014 Fortune Global 500 ranking. It is Erasmus Mundus STEPS program that prepares me to start my career. It is really a precious experience in studying in Erasmus Mundus STEPS program.

Therese Okeke

I joined the Erasmus Mundus Masters programme to study Sustainable Transportation & Electrical Power Systems and have recently graduated. I must admit it was above my expectation and a very good complement to my bachelors programme, as I was continually exposed to novel technologies such as modelling power system equipments and modifying power flow equations to accommodate the recent distributed generation technologies we (the world) are investing in.

My best experience was with the University of Oviedo, as I got to carry out various tasks to prove my competence within the department. Despite not having studied some courses with the Sustainable Transportation strand, I was able to grasp some courses that have been taught there and I'm currently implementing such knowledge with Siemens Rail Automation in the United Kingdom.

I really recommend ambitious scholars who are interested in power electronics, novel & conventional power systems and power flow studies from around the world to join the masters program and gain some outstanding knowledge from outstanding professors.

Cohort 2013-2015

Ahmed Mortuza

I have graduated from the Erasmus Mundus Master in Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power Systems in September, 2015. Looking back to last two years, I can say that EMJMD STEPS program has been the most influential event in my academic career so far. With its world class faculties and curriculum the EMJMD STEPS program truly provides a challenging environment allowing top notch students from diverse backgrounds to optimize their learning experience. During my journey with EMJMD STEPS, I completed my courses and thesis from four different cities (Rome, Nottingham, Gijon, Madison) and four different countries. Which helps me to learn the cutting edge skills and knowledge by attending lectures from well-known researchers and practical parts during the hand-on sessions.

Many world class Universities and Companies are connected with STPES program as associated partners, which provides huge opportunities for the students as a potential internship and thesis destination. I was lucky enough to complete my thesis from Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium (WEMPEC). Last but not least was the social part, which was aimed at making friends and creating networking opportunities with people from different countries all over the world. I met so many different people and learned so many different aspects based on their working experience.

After successfully completion of master program, I have joined American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) as a Lecturer. The utterly special knowledge I gained in EMJMD STEPS program is helping me in my teaching career. I highly recommend EMJMD STEPS program for the top notch students who are interested in Electric Drives, Power Electronics and Power Systems. I am quite sure it will be a fantastic experience in your life.

Arnis Rubins

I graduated from the EMJMD STEPS program (Sustainable Transportation track) in September 2015. I was working as an Aftersales Manager with electric passenger cars before I joined the program but I wanted to gain more in depth knowledge about the products I was working with. At the time it was the only program covering all the topics related to design of electric and hybrid electric vehicles taught in English and located in Europe.

Having a degree in Mechanical and Automotive Engineering I had very little knowledge of electrical systems and non in control systems when I began the program. It was extremely hard for me to follow most of the subjects taught during the first two semesters but with the help of my course mates and professors I managed it, therefore graduating was even more rewarding.

The main focus of the program is towards control of power electronics and electrical machines with additional subjects to show the general issues with EV's and HEV's. The first two semesters were purely theoretical. The third semester offered some hands on work with electric vehicle simulation in MatLab environment, programming microprocessors and creating a signal interface PCB for control of an electric motor.

Another very important aspect of the program is that one has a chance to study in three different countries and a 4th one if you choose to go for an external internship. You get to meet a lot of new people and experience different cultures. While it may be difficult for some to adjust to new environment every 5 month, it is well worth it and will be immensely helpful in your future career when you have to work in multicultural teams.

Combined with my background in Mechanical Engineering I now have very wide job opportunities and I am very grateful to all the academic staff that helped me through the two years I was studying at EMJMD STEPS program.

Damir Brackovic

Participating in Erasmus Mundus STEPS programme is a complete and unique educational experience. I started the Master in 2013 and what attracted me to it is a high-level insight in renewable energy and alternative transportation systems, topics of great value for our society. Whilst studying in Italy, Spain and the UK, I had the opportunity to learn from the leading experts in the fields of control, machines and drives, power electronics, power systems etc. A learning system in which the students are constantly challenged, encouraged to create, to invent, to think outside of the box, is what I believe made me and other participants ready to answer all requirements in the future work place. I can proudly say that, as a result of living abroad, I also gained invaluable life experience. Exposed to many different cultures I met friends and colleagues from all over the world, I learned new languages and improved my social abilities.

In the end I want to say that I am immensely thankful to STEPS coordinators for organizing and constantly improving this one-of-a-kind programme and I would highly recommend it to all the young people eager for professional and personal development.

Getnet Tadese

Joining Erasmus Mundus Masters Course on Sustainable Transportation and Electrical Power System (EMJMD STEPS) was a great exposure for me towards the state of the art in areas of electrical power systems and renewable energy technologies. Through its well-designed curriculum, the program provides deep theoretical and practical up-to-date knowledge in two strands: Sustainable transportation on one strand and Electrical power system on another strand.

I joined the Electrical Power System strand by which I developed my technical and practical skills with the latest disciplines in the area of Power System, Power Electronics, AC Drives, Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Technologies. The program is supported with both simulation and laboratory setups. In addition to the core modules, the curriculum also includes modules like financial analysis, project management and energy market which makes the graduate fully equipped with the necessary technical and theoretical skills in the energy business. I did my internship and Maters Thesis at the University of Nottingham on a topic related to high power density power converters. It helped me to understand the detail challenges of multichannel bidirectional interleaved power converters and their implementation. It motivated me to explore their solutions and continue further research on Power Electronics and Drives.

Apart from the academic experience, the program also gives an opportunity to explore beautiful cities like Gijon (Spain), Coimbra (Portugal) and Nottingham (United Kingdom). I acquired a lot of cultural and social experience from international students and professionals. It also provides a chance to meet the leading companies in the energy and power system sectors. I am always grateful for all the coordinators and staff members of the consortium EMJMD STEPS who have made my study fruitful and joyful.

Having a high profile Master's Degree from this prestigious EMJMD STEPS program together with my successful accomplishment, it just took me only couple of weeks to get multiple interviews from top Universities in Ethiopia for the position "lecturer and researcher".In the meantime, I am preparing myself to pursue my PhD in the fields of Smart grid, Power Electronics and Drives.

Mariia Plakhova

I've joined the EMJMD STEPS program in 2013 and graduated in 2015. It has been two wonderful years, during which I got an opportunity to live in three different countries and visited even more, study in the top rank European universities and work in its' laboratories, meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, share their culture and traditions and learn their languages.

This program is very well built and balanced. The first year is aimed to fill the lacks in your previous background, providing a lot of theoretical materials in sustainable transportation and electrical power systems fields, and prepares you for the second year, which involves a lot of practical work on different projects, including the internship and work on Master thesis. The scope of my thesis was to develop a railway simulator for an AC bivoltage traction system for the high speed railways. The task was successfully achieved and now I am in process of publishing the results of my work in different scientific magazines and presenting them on the conferences in the different parts of the world.

I'm thankful to this program and all people, who involved in it, for the excellent chance to gain a great professional and life experience. It is a good start for my future career. I strongly recommend the EMJMD STEPS program for all students, who are interested either in Academia and Research, or planning to work in the industry (Transportation, Energy etc.). Joining this program, you will spend two years of your life, gathering knowledge and high technical skills together with multicultural experience, and it will definitely help you to develop yourself, besides of developing your professional level, as it helped me.

Mebrahtom Beraki

The Erasmus Mundus STEPS program being highly competitive, its course content is designed to meet the current industry and academic research needs. Being a graduate from this program, I gained hands-on practical skills and an integrated theoretical knowledge in the areas of power electronics, power systems and sustainable transportation. Studying in three different countries, interacting with world-class professors, and motivated students which share the same passion as me was very fantastic opportunity, which bolstered my international and multicultural interaction skills.

My thesis was on the optimization of power electronic converters for sustainable transportation applications. I developed an improved bidirectional converter with significant improvements in the overall size and current ripple and I am planning to pursue PhD in this field.

I would greatly recommend this course for goal-oriented scholars who aspire to be empowered to grow technically and professionally.

New admission period self-financing students

In order to facilitate access to students who were not able to process their applications in the first phase of the selection process for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD), The University of Oviedo has announced a new admission period aimed at 8 self-financing students

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