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Students support services

Insurance Scheme

All students enrolled in the EMJMD STEPS will be automatically covered by the Course insurance. All participants shall be insured during their stay in the 27 European Union countries, the EEA/EFTA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway), the countries that are candidates for membership of the European Union (Croatia, FYROM, Turkey) as well as the countries of the Third Country Partners/associated members identified by the Consortium as study destinations.

Cover will take effect by the time the grant holder starts their journey to participate in the Programme (maximum two months prior to the start of the specific actions eligibility period for which the grantee is enrolled) and will be valid until two months after the end of the same action, unless there is a prior change to the EM grantee status.

The cover will include all worldwide travel required for the participation in the Erasmus Mundus Programme, whatsoever reasons for travel may be such as: departure to the destination where the action will take place, travel between the participating higher education institutions, return trip home following completion of the action or during the academic breaks within the specific eligibility period of the action, preparatory meetings, mid-term evaluation meetings, final evaluation meeting, courses, conferences, seminars, research, cultural and intercultural sessions.

In the event of a return trip home during the period covered by his/her EM scholarship; the participants will also be entitled to receive cover for medical costs and urgent dental care, for periods up to 4 weeks.

The insurance contract will fully cover all the risks set out in points A to G below:

A. Conditions that must apply

  • Non deductible
  • Non-permanent and non-chronic mental disorders will not be accepted as exclusions

B. Sickness, accident, pregnancy and childbirth: Insurance will cover out-patient and hospital expenses as a result of sickness, pregnancy, childbirth or accidents arising during the period of cover. If necessary, all hospitalisation costs will be directly paid out. Insurance will offer a 100% cover in respect of:

  • doctors' fees
  • medicines, examinations and analyses prescribed by a physician
  • urgent dental care following an accident
  • all hospital expenses and surgical fees (including advances on hospital expenses)
  • repatriation in the event of serious illness or accident

Cover must be total in respect of these services.

Pregnancies at stage less than 6 months, at the moment of departure from the home country to participate in the action, shall not be excluded from cover.

C. Death cover will be provided around the clock and will include death during the period of cover following accident, whether or not it is attributable to the trans-national Erasmus Mundus activity. Cover in the event of death will include, in all cases, even suicide:

  • Transport of the mortal remains to the place chosen by the deceased's family
  • Funeral and laying-out costs
  • The cost of the coffin

D. Permanent invalidity. Students will have round-the-clock cover against partial or full disability of a permanent nature resulting from an accident. The cover must not be restricted to a disability directly attributable to the performance of the trans-national Erasmus Mundus activity.

E. Third-party liability. Students will have round-the-clock cover against financial consequences of third party liability, by virtue of the legislation or case-law of the host country, occasioned by physical or material damage to third parties. In all cases, this cover must extend to the students' host higher education institutions where the student's action may devolve third-party liability to them.

F. Theft and loss of documents. Students will be insured against the risk of theft and loss of the following documents: identification documents (e.g. identity card, passport, etc.) and travel tickets.

The EMJMD STEPS Consortium may offer supplementary assistance services, such as travel expenses for family members in the event of the students' death, serious illness or serious accident; early return in the event of a serious illness or accident affecting a close family member, etc. Such coverage will be detailed in the Student Agreement.

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